A Seasonal Guide to Landscaping:
Caring for your garden in Winter

It is of utmost importance to often rake your lawn and remove debris. These items may smother your lawn and stunt the growth of your garden or kill it altogether. Ensuring your grass is cut short and your lawn is aerated and fertilised before the big freeze will also lead to a healthier winter garden.

Protect Trees and Shrubs
Apply mulch to your trees and shrubs to add extra protection. The mulch reduces water loss and maintains a uniform temperature at the roots.

The winter months or dormant seasons are the best times to prune trees and shrubs. This should be done well in advance of Spring to allow for new growth.

Landscaping in the Winter Months
It’s a myth that landscaping isn’t a necessity in Winter. In fact, winter is the ideal time to landscape. Once you’ve planted and prepared your winter landscape, it will be a season ahead. When Spring arrives your plants will already have acclimatised to the soil temperature and the plants’ root systems would have broken down to allow for optimum plant growth in Summer.

Plants that allow for a splash of colour in Winter

  1. Aloes and a variety of succulents are perfect for Winter
  2. Strelitzia are ideal and allows you to use the flowers as cut flowers to add colour indoors
  3. Plectranthus
  4. Digitalis

A List of Seedlings for your Winter Garden

  • Namaqualand Daisies
  • Alysum
  • Bokbaai Vygies
  • Iceland Poppies
  • Pansies and Violas
  • Petunias
  • Primulas

Veggie Gardens for Winter
The best veggies to plant during the winter months that are also quick growers:

  • Radishes
  • Lettuce varieties
  • Spinach
  • Spring Onions
  • Turnip
  • Microgreens
  • Garlic
  • Peas